Partner Talk ep07 with AR.TELECOM

Albert Ruche, 30 years in the telecoms business, is our guest of the month in this latest episode of Partner Talk. Let's go and meet him! 😍


AR.TELECOM and Unified Communications

Manager of AR.TELECOM, Albert launched his business 12 years ago with the installation of telephone exchanges, before evolving technically towards Unified Communications.

Fixed and mobile telephony, collaborative work tools such as chat and videoconferencing, Internet connectivity... AR.TELECOM is a true expert in the telecoms market, offering integrated professional solutions tailored to every need.

Very soon after setting up his company, needing an alternative operator, Albert chose 3StarsNet (which became Sewan Belgium in 2019). Thanks to the sales department with Vicky Bureau and his meeting with Arnaud Doyen, Production Manager, Albert deepened his understanding of the different solutions and the partnership was consolidated. 🤝



AR.TELECOM's strengths

Already a VoIP specialist, AR.TELECOM has chosen to diversify by offering new solutions, such as VDSL/fiber Internet access links and 4G back-up.

More recently, the company's product portfolio has also included a Mobile offering. This diversification and the Sewan white label have enabled AR.TELECOM to meet customers' need for a "single point of contact" thanks to a one-stop shop!

AR.TELECOM's strength is also Sewan's: personalized customer service and quality support. Every customer is recognized and considered: "That's why the Sewan/AR.TELECOM collaboration works so well, because we both have the same point of view," says Albert.

In short, offering customers a complete package at competitive prices, with the personalized support that goes with it, is the key to success!


New markets in sight

As you may have noticed, the range of telecom services offered by AR.TELECOM continues to expand! Albert has a new project in mind to establish itself even further in Belgium: to move into the public sector, and it's off to a good start! Several local authorities are already convinced of AR.TELECOM's professionalism!

Watch the full interview with Albert Ruche below (Dutch subtitles available), interviewed by Vicky Bureau, Account Manager, accompanied byArnaud Doyen, Production Manager.

To find out more about AR.TELECOM, visit: https: //artelecom.cloud/