Partner Talk Ep06 with Telenatie

Almost 25 years of Telecom adventure for our first guest of the year: Wouter Barremaecker, CEO of Telenatie. In this new episode of Partner Talk, meet one of our historical partners! 🤩

Telenatie, 25 years of telecom expertise

This family-owned company, launched in 1999, has followed the evolution of the industry by constantly adapting to the changes that have taken place over the years: from the sale of telephone terminals and PSTN analog lines to ISDN and the arrival of VoIP and the Cloud.

At the time, Wouter and his father had naturally turned to the national operator Proximus to become one of its agents. But in 2004, another player, a VoIP pioneer on the Belgian market, caught their attention: 3StarsNet (which will become Sewan Belgium in 2019, you already know that 😉 ).

The two companies immediately hit it off and a close cooperation was established, allowing Telenatie to establish itself permanently in Belgium by creating a real one-stop shop for its customers.

Telenatie is a recognized telecom player in Flanders, and today offers a range of services and Sewan solutions: voice, of course, with the development of the mobile solution, but also access links with the deployment of the fiber!


Customers are the focus of attention

Telenatie has kept the original family spirit in its genes. And he takes care of his customers, trying to "stay together as a family" and "always listening", as Sewan is. And that's why the relationship endures, a mindset that joins. "We really want to help our customers, that's important. So we listen to them and assess their needs. I don't create anything new, but I take the pieces of the puzzle and put them together to help our customers, to find tailor-made solutions and to serve them in the best possible way, " says Wouter humbly.

A head full of projects

Since he started, Wouter has seen the market evolve with the undeniable modernization of the telecom sector. And in 2023, he has plenty of plans! He is looking forward to deploying fiber to all his customers, to offering fully integrated E-sim and mobile solutions as well as new solutions like Contact Experience.

And that's the bright future we wish for Telenatie, which does not deviate from its objective: to make life easier for its customers with the best services!

To see the video interview, it's right here (French subtitles available):