Partner Talk Ep05 with BeOne

"BeOne is a great adventure!" exclaims Pierre Garcia, CEO of BeOne. This is the beginning of an enthusiastic interview as we like them!  

Pierre is passionate about his job and his company. Created in 2009, BeOne started with simple telecom packages. Four years later, it's the meeting with Sewan! We tell you more...

BeOne and Sewan, a beautiful meeting

Since its creation thirteen years ago, BeOne has grown! This B2B company has diversified and now employs 25 people in the Charleroi region. Today, it has 2500 customers, 6500 connected devices and more than 12 000 SIM cards. A beautiful SME!

The partnership with Sewan started with the trunk when BeOne wanted to develop its own telephone exchange. And then time did the trick, more and more customers wanted VoIP solutions. As Pierre Garcia explains, the challenger and available side of Sewan made this deployment possible, all thanks to an interesting and competitive pricing on the market.

Autonomy is also very important for BeOne. This is made possible by the automation of processes and the Sophia interface, which allows the partner to order, set up and invoice Sewan services.

The discovery of the customer and
the challenge of collaboration

What is BeOne's asset? Perhaps the way we approach our clients. Indeed, the most important thing for Pierre is to take the time to discover his client by identifying his needs and problems, like a consulting job, in team.

The willingness to help is a real differentiator at BeOne, which has become an expert in establishing very complex escalation schemes. In terms of telephony, the customer's company will be able to remain reachable at all times and the reception will be managed in a professional, pleasant and structured way.

And as you probably know, support is also a key element at Sewan, whether on a technical or commercial level: "Sewan's teams have really helped us to grow in power, in maturity technically speaking. You have been there to support us, to help us, to find solutions", says Pierre.

 "For better or for worse," Thomas and Pierre say with amusement. And "the worst, as little as possible, we agree!

As you can see, the BeOne/Sewan partnership is based on a relationship of trust based on responsiveness and a common DNA: "We want to find solutions and so does Sewan. So together, the collaboration, with both of us having this mentality, allows us to have a result for our final customers that is really top notch", confirms Pierre.


Soon the shared fiber
and the firewall!

The time has come for BeOne to diversify even more, especially with optical fiber! Sewan provides the necessary tools to develop this new solution: cost study and quotation for connections for example.

And then, BeOne also thinks about Firewall and why not CRM ERP, print, or a payment solution... Today, BeOne has the ambition to position itself as a One stop shop actor by allowing SME managers to group different products that connect to a network with a single actor.

In short, BeOne has a real desire to develop its products and services catalog, and to package simple, effective and financially interesting solutions: "I think that we are really in a market that is undergoing a complete transformation and that there are a lot of opportunities for us that are coming up and that we will exploit. I really want to continue to grow and diversify the company's product portfolio," concludes Pierre.

A bright future ahead! And that's all Sewan wishes for them!

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