Partner Talk Ep04 with Interfone

Whether it's in day-to-day operational interactions with our partners, or face-to-face, we like to create moments of exchange that reinforce our closeness and the quality of the collaboration! And this is the case with our series of Partner Talk videos highlighting all these entrepreneurial experiences.

Discover today the experience of Malek Fahrat, Managing Director of Interfone: his story, his projects and his relationship with Sewan.


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Created in 2012, Interfone is a telephone operator specialising in professional solutions for the self-employed, VSEs, SMEs and the corporate sector. The company offers fixed and mobile telephony solutions and Internet access links (website).


The partnership with Sewan, a growth accelerator

Interfone has been a Sewan partner for almost 9 years and was initially looking for a complementary partner, which has since become a "growth accelerator" for the company. Indeed, Interfone, a Walloon SME, was able to save time by proposing other solutions already developed by Sewan and by using the "know how" of the teams. 


Customer satisfaction, Interfone's leitmotiv

"Customer satisfaction is what we get up for every morning," says Malek. Indeed, Interfone was created around this concept of customer satisfaction. Bringing to the self-employed and very small businesses solutions normally reserved for the corporate sector, while maintaining the same level of service offered to large organisations. Customers are free to combine different products and services without a contract period; this pushes Interfone to always do more for the customer, and it works!


Many projects to come... 

With a natural double-digit growth for more than 10 years, Interfone keeps on having new projects... security solutions with the firewall and Microsoft solutions are the upcoming services Malek was willing to tell us about... the others are still kept secret 😉



Discover the interview of Malek Fahrat, conducted by Vicky Bureau, in the Studio Paradis:



To go further

Interfone's testimony follows those of FoundCOM, WimNet and Tchamba. Watch their "Partners' Words" on our channel Youtube to get an insight into the Sewan experience... and join them!