Partner Talk Ep01 with Tchamba

Tchamba came to visit us to take part in the filming of our first Partner Talk. The aim of this new programme is simple: to give a regular voice to our partners who come to Studio Paradis to tell us their story, a recent challenge, a customer case or their partnership with Sewan. On this occasion, Studio Paradis is also made available to them for the creation of customised white label video content. 

For this very first episode, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sébastien Semaille, founder and manager of Tchamba, a Sewan partner since the beginning. Today, the company has four employees and a turnover of 1.2 million euros. Tchamba is an Internet and fixed-line telephony provider and has recently started offering mobile solutions. But how did the Tchamba/Sewan partnership come about?


A decisive meeting

For Tchamba, joining Sewan has allowed him to solve major problems that were threatening the company: " In 2019, our provider was experiencing huge difficulties and was threatened with being cut off. Thanks to Sewan, we were able to find solutions to all the problems we were encountering and carry out this migration (Internet and VoIP ) with great success," explains Sébastien.

Thanks to the Sophia platform, the access link solutions, VoIP and mobile packages offered by Tchamba are very easy to manage, both in terms of ordering and monitoring. An autonomy that Sébastien is delighted with, even if contacts with the Sewan teams are therefore rarer:
" It's the other side of the coin ", Sébastien laughs.

Tchamba's recipe? To propose a differentiating offer by combining products and thus building customer loyalty. Not forgetting the close relationship with the customer, the price and the after-sales service which are the strengths of the company!


Tchamba & Sewan: more than just a partnership

Thanks to the technical skills of the Sewan and Tchamba teams, a mutual friendship was born: "These difficult moments spent together have given rise to a great friendship, much more than a simple partnership", underlines Sébastien . A statement immediately confirmed by Thomas, CEO of Sewan Belgium. A strong bond has been established over time, both at the management and employee levels of the two companies.

If you want to know more about Tchamba's future ambitions, you'll have to watch this exclusive episode of Partner Talk (available in French with subtitles in Dutch):