Partner Talk Ep03 with FoundCOM

In our series of Partner Voices videos , we highlight the entrepreneurial adventure and virtuous collaboration of our partners with Sewan.

Discover today the experience of Dave Kerwyn, Technical Director and Dennis Dufloucq, Account Manager, from FoundCOM.


A new episode to share experiences


Following the shared experiences of our Partners is an opportunity to learn from each other. It is also an opportunity to see how each of them has appropriated Sewan's services and solutions and, why not, to be inspired by them in your next development objectives.

Finally, it is also an opportunity to share the views of other Cloud and Telecom market experts like yourself. Hearing these different expert points of view can give you confidence in one or more of the trends that you are seeing for the development of your own business!



Discover the testimony of our partner FoundCOM


Established in 2017, FoundCOM is an expert in telecommunications, aiming to constantly adapt to the rapidly changing industry and client needs.

Dave and Dennis look back on the FoundCOM adventure and the many Sewan solutions integrated into their portfolio: telephony, mobile packages, Internet links...

Quality, accessibility and transparency are important values for FoundCOM, which creates detailed packages for its B2B customers.

And the company does not intend to stop there and is working on a great project: the expansion of its range with a Television offer !

Read the interview with Dave Kerwyn and Dennis Dufloucq, by Sandra Schevenels:



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