Our company obtains a Credit Safe score of 99 for the 4th consecutive year!

For the 4th consecutive year, 3StarsNet - Sewan Group has obtained an excellent score of 99 with the Credit Safe ranking system. This company, which compiles credit reports by analysing company data from around the world, has once again ranked our company at the highest creditworthiness level, with a credit limit of €305k.

Thanks to statistical algorithms that take into account more than 150 economic and industrial parameters and factors, Credit Safe has already produced more than 365 million company reports. The scoring system developed by Credit Safe makes it possible to determine the financial stability of companies and to predict 81% of bankruptcies in Belgium 12 months before the company becomes insolvent, and 70% of these in the case of international companies. Source: https://www.creditsafe.com

"I would like to take advantage of this Credit Safe award to thank our entire team for the incredible adventure we are experiencing. This result is by no means the result of chance, but the natural outcome of hard work over the last few years to build a solid company, benefiting from major strategic investments that are now bearing fruit, enabling us to embrace the ambitions of our SEWAN Group with serenity and enthusiasm," said Thomas Gros, Director - Head of Sales of Credit Safe. 3StarsNet.

Congratulations to the whole 3StarsNet - Sewan Groupe team for this great success!