Jabra Pro 920

The Jabra Pro 920 is a simple wireless headset designed for use with most major fixed phone systems. A cost-effective alternative that suits most office environments. It is easy to use and implement, so the user will have no trouble adopting.

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Data sheet

Exceptional audio quality

Grasp all the nuances of a conversation. Enjoy clear conversations and protective features such as SafeTone™ technology, designed to block harmful noise spikes and protect your hearing.

HD Voice

HD voice gives you sound that's close to reality. You can devote yourself entirely to your conversation without having to make an effort to understand your contact.

Extended wireless range

You can move around your workstation within a radius of up to 120 metres. This impressive freedom of movement allows you to search for a document or perform other tasks while staying online.

Remote call management

With the RCC remote call management feature, you pick up/unhook calls, mute the microphone and adjust the volume directly from your headset.

Data sheet


The Jabra PRO 920 is compatible with all phones in the market(requires a specific cord per equipment for the RCC function).

Wireless technology: DECT
Wireless technologies supported by the device
Connectivity: Direct connection
Direct connection to the fixed phone
Teleconference function: 4
Up to 4 headsets can be connected to a single base at the same time for conference calls
Usage: Fixed phone
Works with regular fixed phones
Frequency Response: Narrowband
Speakers with a narrow-band noise frequency response are able to produce sound with a range that lends itself well to ordinary analogue telephone lines.
Noise protection: Peak stop
Listening Mode: One earpiece
Provides mono sound over one speaker
Microphone type: NOISE-CANCELLING
Improves call clarity by eliminating office background noise.
Type Articulated Arm: Fixed
A fixed microphone boom has a predefined length which is usually established at the time of design.
Mute function: Yes
Mute mode gives you the option to mute or unmute the microphone directly on the device.
Battery & Power Supply

Talk Time: Up to 8 hours

CCR function
Electronic call answering: Yes
The device supports electronic call answering, which provides the ability to answer/hang up calls on an office phone directly from the device.
Port type: Headband
A headband refers to a fully adjustable type of over-the-head wear.
Weight: 49 grams
Type of ear cushion : Foam
Large foam ear cushions (L)