How to enjoy VoLTE service and 4G calls on Android and iOS?

Find out how to set up VoLTE on your smartphone!


Better sound quality, shorter call set-up times, all at no extra cost. That's the promise of VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Typically, your phone uses the 3G network to make and receive calls. With VoLTE, 4G takes over.


VoLTE allows you to make and receive calls directly with the 4G network. But that's not all. This feature also offers you greater smoothness with a 4G speed for all your uses during your calls (surfing the Internet, sending MMS and email, etc.).


How to make 4G calls with your Android phone?


Enjoy 4G calls with VoLTE!

  • The first thing is to be in an area covered by 4G.
  • The second thing is to be in possession of a compatible mobile. Your mobile must have the latest software update to benefit from it.

Then you need to activate the feature in the device settings: Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks >VoLTE  Calls

         1. In Settings, click on Connections

         2. Click Mobile Networks

      3. Activate VoLTE calls.

On some compatible phones the VoLTE option may not appear as it is enabled by default.


How to make 4G calls with your Apple mobile?


To make your calls in 4G you need iOS 9.3 or higher. VoLTE is enabled by default. If it is not, a few clicks are enough:


  1. Go to Settings and click on Mobile Data


2. Activate Cellular Data and click Options


3. Click on Voice and Data


4. Click 4G or 5G and enable VoLTE.

VoLTE might already be enabled by default.


If your smartphone (Android or iOS) doesn't have the latest software update yet, just connect to WiFi and look for the latest version of your operating system in the device settings. Finally, don't forget to turn your phone off and on again to enjoy 4G calls after the update. And that's it!


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