Personalise the name of your mobile network, it's now possible!

Many partners have dreamed of having their company name appear in place of their mobile network...

It's now possible! Sewan is pushing the white label experience even further with the customisation of the mobile network name. And it's a new feature that will seduce many... Explanation.


The White label experience goes further

After the launch this summer of the PWA (Progressive Web App), technology integrated into the telephony dashboard Myselfcare.be, we are now offering our partners the possibility of customising their mobile network with the name of their company. This new step is part of Sewan's strong desire to increase the visibility and notoriety of its white label partners. 

This additional customisation allows the partner to offer a mobile solution entirely in its own image, right down to the choice of network name, which will appear on the mobile phone screens instead of the usual main operators. A great showcase!

How do you do it? Nothing could be easier!

When ordering SIM cards, the partner simply specifies the desired name and Sewan configures the SIMs for him. With a maximum limit of 16 characters, this offers great possibilities! Personalisation is an essential strategic element in the deployment of the mobile solution for our partners towards their customers.

And you, what name will you choose?