Customer relations: top 5 mistakes to avoid...

For a company, customer experience and satisfaction are elements that should not be taken lightly. It is important today to deliver an experience that meets your customers' expectations. Even if you sell the most innovative and unique product in the world, the slightest mistake during their user experience can have serious consequences.


What is customer experience?

The notion of customer experience refers to the perception and emotions that an organisation provides to its customers when they come into contact with it. In short, it concerns everything that happens before, during and after the purchase of a product or service. The quality of the offer is of course taken into account, but also - and this counts almost more - the quality of the customer relationship.


You will have understood that customer experience is a subject that deserves a little more attention. Five mistakes are too often made and we have listed them for you in order to avoid getting negative reviews and pushing customers to go and see what's going on with your competitors... 


Mistake 1 - Offering a complex customer journey

Nothing is more frustrating for your customers than to be sent from department to department without explanation to get an answer to their problem. Whether it's because of a lack of coordination between the different entry points, too many channels, or a policy of compartmentalisation of services that prevents a good flow of information... getting the right information from the right department can be a real obstacle course for your customers. But don't worry, it doesn't have to be that way.

Put an end to wild transfers and incomprehensible customer paths with an intelligent telephone answering solution.

To improve the customer experience, provide your teams with services that are both powerful and deeply intuitive. To understand your customers' overall experience, identify all the touch points with your brand so you can respond appropriately at all times:

  • - Recognize the caller's number to direct them to the dedicated contact person
  • - Have clear visibility of calls on hold in case of customer service overactivity
  • - Automatically notify your customers of an unexpected event to limit waiting time
  • - Easily provide clear and accurate information about your business in an automated way (such as your opening hours for example)

Offering a simple but effective customer journey is possible!


Mistake 2 - Keeping customers waiting as long as possible

"All our advisors are currently busy. Your waiting time is estimated to be more than 15 minutes". Who hasn't heard this voice message and ended up hanging up after long minutes of listening to the same music over and over?

All your advisers are already online. That can happen. But it's essential to ensure that in some way, shape or form, your customers' requests are answered as quickly as possible. The goal is to avoid frustration and disappointment with your brand. It is your responsibility to put in place the necessary tools, such as message dropping or call backs, to reduce your customers' waiting time and to respond in some way.


Mistake 3 - Not knowing how to deal with the unexpected

An employee calling to say they are unwell and cannot be in today. A spike in calls that overwhelms the teams. It is not always possible to predict what will happen during the day. But it is possible to cope with it by preparing for different scenarios in advance.

With an intelligent telephone answering tool, you can add flexibility and agility to tense situations. This includes the management of schedules, on-call duty or the rapid activation of backup telephone reception scenarios. You determine the times when the members of the customer service team can be reached according to your needs. And in the event of last-minute changes, a simple modification of the parameters can be made from anywhere, with a simple click, or even through a secure automated telephone call system.

The same applies to call peaks. It is difficult to predict when there will be a peak in customer service activity. But when it does happen, you are able to react effectively. The 100% web-based solution set up in advance allows you to keep a permanent overview of all calls received and placed on hold. You can even automate certain requests such as appointment cancellations in order to relieve the workload of your advisors.


Mistake 4 - Not keeping an accurate call history

Who is the person on the phone? Is this the first time they have contacted your customer service department? What product or service did they buy from your company? Have there been any incidents in their user journey?

Wouldn't your dealings with your customers be much easier and smoother if you had all this information at your disposal as soon as a customer's number appears on your telephone?

Following up with each customer from the beginning to the end of their experience with your brand will make all the difference. Your customers expect responsiveness and smooth communication with your company.

With a precise history, a detailed identity card of your customers, you avoid having to repeat each time the reason of their call, their customer number, the problems encountered, etc.


Mistake 5 - Not using the data at your disposal

How do you know where to improve your customer service? What specific areas do you need to work on to improve customer satisfaction? It's hard to say if you don't have accurate statistics at your disposal.

Thanks to a smart call reception solution, build an analysis grid to measure the percentage of missed calls, the pick-up rate, the average duration of a call or recurring requests to facilitate the management of your teams.

Long response times, poor or under-informed staff, bad redirects, incorrect information, impersonal exchanges... There are several levers you can act on to improve customer satisfaction. And the need for a dedicated customer experience tool has already been identified in many companies.

If you want to optimize your customer relationship with dedicated tools and smart and easy-to-deploy features, contact us!