Your data at the service of your phone

Merge your work environment

With the CTI Contact Experience, you couple your contact center with your CRM, ERP, databases, BI or ticketing.

Be one step ahead of your contact: you can visualize all related information and anticipate his request..

You benefit from a wealth of information about your customers in your tools . Provide your agents with the most relevant information to best handle requests.! In two clicks, you introduce the caller to his usual advisor,you bring up the customer's contact details or the product the customer wants in the IVR , you have a conversation history, you allow your advisor to control the call from the CRM or to make calls directly from the CRM!

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A sense of customer orientation

The use of CRM data allows you to offer a privileged welcome to your customers.

The right information about your contact person

For an incoming call, the customer master record containing the history of exchanges with the customer is displayed on your computer screen.

Relevance is the goal: with this feedback, you automatically get the right information about the right person at the right time. As soon as you pick up the phone, you can personalize the conversation, reducing its duration considerably.

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