Contact Experience: your smart call reception solution

New year, new solution ! Sewan launches Contact Experience. Much more than just an enhanced IVR, this solution is a key customer relationship asset for all your customers.

Customer relationship is one of the main issues in the management of a company and the welcome reception is a pillar of this privileged relationship. When a customer contacts a company by phone, it usually announces a problem to be solved... and therefore a potential source of dissatisfaction. How to limit these risks?


The main advantages of Contact Experience


The Contact Experience solution by Sewan offers undeniable benefits for your customers. Here is an extract:


  • Provide a personalized response: thanks to a link to a CRM, the recognition of the profile makes it possible to better target the response provided to the caller. The customer feels unique and considered.


  • Professionalize customer care: Contact Experience allows you to better manage calls, to limit their loss and above all to improve the company's brand image.


  • Tracking phone relationships in numbers: Contact Experience users can access numerical data, qualitative and quantitative statistics to analyze and adapt your strategy.


  • Manage everything simply: the tool is intuitive and easy to manage. The graphical routing editor allows you to adjust scenarios for maximum flexibility. This modular and scalable solution set will allow you to increase the efficiency and quality of your customer interactions.

In short, Contact Experience is a promise to your customers: to bring them closer to their customers with an intelligent telephone answering solution.

If you want to discover the Contact Experience solution, contact us our experts are here to answer all your questions!