Words vanish, recordings remain...

Keep a record of your communications. 

Whatever your sector, you can keepr communicationsons of your consultants with your customers in electronic format. From an intuitive interface, you set up the scenario and activate the service according to a panel at critères : option chosen by the caller in the IVR, open period, status of the caller...

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Data sheet
Call recording

Be your archivist

The records are stored and classified methodically on the Cloud Sewan. You can extend or shorten this period as you wish. You can also opt for storage on your FTP server. The recordings are then pushed on a regular basis.

Organized files

Find a communication at a glance thanks to a multi-criteria search system. Listen, listen again, download, you choose.

Why record anyway?

Recording is used every day to enhance customer experience by using each conversation to improve the next. It can also be used to meet regulatory constraints, for example consent in the case of distance selling.


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