Showroom Privé, a success story and a Trunk


A multi-site company needing to enhance the value of outgoing sales teams calls but above all to guarantee the correct routing of incoming calls to French and international customer service departments.

Solution provided:

Migration of a native IPBX from Innovaphone to Mitel, provision of scalable Trunk SIP solutions, implementation of trunk-related redundancy and creation of international numbers for foreign sites.

Showroomprive.com is a French online event sales company. Every day, the site offers its members in France and eight other European countries exclusive event-based sales with discounts.

Since 2010, Sewan has been working with Showroomprivé on its SIP Trunk needs, and has been able to accompany it in its success.
Initially equipped with a native IPBX from Innovaphone, Showroomprivé was connected to a first trunk for 15, 30 and then 60 simultaneous communications.
Sewan was then able to work with the private sales site without interruption and with optimum technical quality, when the latter, growing, decided to migrate to a MITEL solution and a SIP trunk sized to accommodate 300 simultaneous communications.

Showroomprivé had a twofold problem: to make the most of outgoing calls from the sales teams and, above all, to guarantee the correct routing of incoming calls to French and international customer services.
As such, in addition to the SIP Trunk, Sewan provided international numbers for Showroomprivé sites abroad (Poland, UK, Italy, Spain.).
As a result, the company could not afford the slightest cut in service that would be synonymous with loss of earnings. Thanks to the clustering of voice equipment, trunk-related redundancy and the outstanding responsiveness of the Sales and IT support teams, Sewan provides a reliable, secure and highly available service to its client.

Showroom Privé has grown considerably, with more than 800 people now working in the recently listed company. But the Sewan Trunk SIP offer is progressive and therefore follows the needs of a company over time.

Result: Today the Trunk Showroom Privé can handle up to 750 simultaneous communications, more than double the initial service. The company recently acquired the Conference Bridge solution, which Sewan was specially designed in English for the needs of this historical customer.

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