Rowastores: mobile telephony for the whole company!


Multi-site company whose mobile telephony needs are insufficiently covered: prohibitive costs and no relationship with its supplier.

Solution provided:

To make Rowastores benefit from a more competitive offer technologically and economically speaking, but also from a close customer/supplier relationship.

Rowastores is a manufacturer and installer of blinds. Located in the Alsace, the company calls itself "the star of blinds". A multi-site company, located in various areas of the Alsace (Colmar, Mulhouse, Vendenheim), the entire group works in the manufacturing, design and installation of blinds and verandas.

Historical client of Sewan and its regional partner Cap Communication, notably for hosted telephony offers, Rowastores was previously a customer of the incumbent operator for its mobile telephony. Yet, hampered by prohibitive costs and an impersonal relationship with too many contacts, Rowastores (as well as the 4 other entities of the group) decided to entrust the management of its mobile telephony (4G, unlimited, simple offer) to Cap Communication (relying on the Sewan infrastructure).

Indeed, "the star of blinds" favoured a more competitive offer technologically and economically speaking but also a close relationship both geographically and humanly with Cap Communication.

In terms of mobile phone requirements, all levels of the hierarchy were involved, from management to sales staff, from assistants to fitters. Thus, no less than 25 lines spread over the 5 sites were supplied to Rowastores by Cap Communication.

The result: a better customer-supplier relationship and a significant reduction in costs.


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