How has the municipality of Rambervillers reduced the cost of its telephony?


-Financially, the management of the voice part was too expensive for the incumbent operator.
-Technically, the telephone solutions of each entity (Police, Media Library, Crèche) were managed independently.
-Proximity to the incumbent operator. The multiplicity of contacts creating an impersonal relationship.
-As for access connections, a problem similar to telephony with servers managed independently of each other.

Solution provided:

-Voice: on a case-by-case basis according to the different departments, VGA or VoIP depending on eligibility and budgetary constraints.
-Access connection: Installation of one VPN with SDSL connections.

Sam Informatique is a partner of Sewan. The company assists SMEs, administrations and local authorities in the management of their computer and telephone equipment.

Rambervilliers is a town in the Vosges with a very active municipal life and a great need for telephony.
As a customer of the incumbent operator, the municipality had to face prohibitive costs in terms of telephony. Indeed, the voice solutions were managed independently by each department, which led to high expenses as well as administrative problems (e.g. invoicing) due to this decentralisation. Advised by the city of Neufchâteau, a client of SAM Informatique, Rambervilliers contacted this Sewan partner to find solutions.

In order to reduce costs and improve the productivity of the services, Sam Informatique has equipped each department with VGA or VoIP, taking into account the budgetary and eligibility constraints of each service. Thus the management of Rambervilliers' telephony is centralized and optimized in order to offer each entity an adapted technology.

Concerning the access link part, the problem was similar: independent management of each department. Sam Informatique therefore equipped the municipality with a VPN with Sewan SDSL connections and the Rambervilliers servers are hosted on a DataCenter which belongs to Sam Informatique.
In addition to the advantages linked to Sam Informatique's technical expertise, the municipality was attracted by a relationship based on proximity with a local player who has total autonomy thanks to Sophia: a single, 100% automated management interface.

Results: today, the town of Rambervilliers enjoys solutions that are simple to manage, reliable and at optimized costs.

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