Pigmalia: to the cloud!


Company having acquired several new sites needing to mutualize its servers.

Solution provided:

Switching all Cloud infrastructures to Sewan.Cloud in order to share servers and allow them to be easily interconnected.

CSX Télécom is a Sewan partner located in Cahors and operates in three departments. CSX Télécom offers IT solutions for remote (or on-site) maintenance, and monitoring and security or audit solutions.

CSX Telecom has dealt with Pigmalia, a successful painting company that uses an unsecured local physical server, and which, in the context of the takeover of several shops in Cahors, Albi and Castres, wanted to share its servers between all the remote sites.

Each of these companies had its own server and its own way of working, which generated a lot of processes to transmit or accessing information such as accounting.

It was also necessary to share everything on a single server to avoid the risk of broken access connections and to allow better agility between the different sites.

CSX Telecom, using the solution Sewan.Cloud, not only bundled the different servers but also added three more to meet the different requirements of each business tool.

In addition, it has also enabled the deployment of a fleet of laptops for sales representatives who access the server via VPN at full speed, independently from the Internet access connection from headquarters, which has been a bottleneck so far.

Result: today, it is very easy for Pigamlia to manage its remote sites and access information with complete peace of mind without going through a cumbersome process.


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