Lot Aide à Domicile keeps its freedom thanks to Cloud Data Center!


Home help company that has delegated the management of its infrastructures to an external service provider and wants to regain its independence and autonomy in the management and daily administration of its licenses and users.

Solution provided:

Migration of infrastructure to the Cloud Data Center, in order to reallocate outsourcing within the company.

CSX Telecom is a Sewan partner located in Cahors and operates in three departments. CSX Telecom offers IT solutions for remote (or on-site) maintenance,  and monitoring and security or audit solutions.

As a specialist in corporate telephony and Internet access offers for businesses, CSX Telecom addresses the problem of its customer Lot Aide à Domicilewho lacks autonomy over its own customer base.

Indeed, each time the administrator intervened, he had to open a ticket with his service provider, regardless of the degree of complexity of the task. Thus, to assign a license or simply add a new user, the process could take several days, depending on the availability and goodwill of the provider.

Relying on the Sewan cloud infrastructure, CSX Telecom proposed Cloud Data Center, an on-demand infrastructure solution (IaaS) covering all the IT needs of small and large companies. In parallel with the cloud solution, which fully satisfied the customer, CSX Telecom convinced Lot Aide à Domicile to migrate its entire infrastructure of access connections to enable security behind the Sewan firewall for all users. A bonus that allows the customer to standardize his services. The commissioning of Sewan trunks is a consequence of the migration of connections due to an already installed IPBX . All this is therefore a chain reaction to optimize the customer's operation, yet it was not essential to the proper functioning of the cloud offer.

By migrating their customer's data and processes to the sovereign cloud solution, Cloud Data Center, CSX Telecom has enabled Lot Aide à Domicile to benefit from total autonomy of its IS thanks to outsourcing options. The administrator now enjoys freedom and can carry out his daily tasks, no matter how complex they may be.

Result: today, the Lot Aide à Domicile customer is fully satisfied and has regained the autonomy essential to his daily demands and requirements.


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