Jungheinrich interconnects its sites with a VPNMPLS network


A multi-site company needing to interconnect its sites to have an extended private network in order to securely and efficiently share data and applications, to ensure optimal use of its IS and integrate a new fixed telephony system.

Solution provided:

Supply of a WAN-MPLS multi-site xDSL and optic fiber network and double-link double-operator security.

The Jungheinrich Group, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of material handling, storage and flow management equipment.

In a context of growth and development on the French market, and faced with the need to globalize its IT approaches, Jungheinrich found itself faced with the need to interconnect the 14 sites located in France. This optimization is aimed at improving the organization's agility and budget control.

To respond to these challenges, Sewan has set up a VPNMPLS network with dual links, and dual technologies (DSL or fiber connections according to the needs of the site). This VPN integrates CoS management in order to prioritize real-time flows and business applications. This solution is obviously security-oriented with local loop security, security of the Backbone and  of the  network core. These redundancy solutions have been developed to provide Jungheinrich with the highest possible availability.

For fixed-line telephony needs, Sewan has equipped Jungheinrich with a Trunk SIP equipped with a Hack-Limit system, automatic routing, call redirection, multi-operator solution and supporting several authentication modes. This solution was compatible with all telephone switchboards and only required the installation of a gateway for IPBX. This means that all Jungheinrich workstations have been able to retain their original numbers.


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