How Nice Gourmet has adapted the collaboration of its teams with Microsoft Teams


During the Covid-19 crisis, the Nice Gourmet teams were forced to find solutions to maintain their activity despite the distance linked to widespread teleworking.

Solution provided:

Nice Gourmet employees have massively adopted Microsoft Teams to be able to collaborate in a difficult context.

In mid-March 2020, many companies were forced to completely rethink the way they operate. Overnight, offices closed and employees switched to 100% teleworking. Solutions had to be found to maintain the link between teams and continue to manage projects while working remotely.


In the PACA region, Nice Gourmet has been no exception. As a result of the health crisis, its teams have reorganized to maintain their activity despite widespread teleworking. A reorganization that has included the adoption of collaborative work tools such as Microsoft Teams. The Nice company discovered Microsoft Teams thanks to Digitel, provider of solutions for professionals and businesses (fixed and mobile telephony, Internet access, OFFICE 365), partner Sewan since 2017.


Microsoft Teams clear benefits for the teams

Very quickly, the Nice Gourmet teams saw the benefits that such tools could bring them on a daily basis. What was supposed to be a temporary solution to deal with the crisis will finally take hold. "We plan to continue to use Teams them, particularly for our exchanges with external stakeholders. We see this as a real plus, for example for meetings with some of our service providers with whom we sometimes have difficulty finding niches that suit everyone," emphasizes Fabienne Rigourd, Marketing Manager at Nice Gourmet.


For Nice Gourmet, the strong points of the Teams solution are:
- The ease of use
- The possibility of screen sharing
- The sharing of documents
- The possibility of meetings with several people
- The creation of several channels for the different teams


"Even if Teams it doesn't replace a real, physical meeting, this solution removes a barrier to the distance for live exchanges between several people and offers a really interesting and indispensable reactivity in corporate strategy and team management," says the Marketing Manager of Nice Gourmet.


A 1st step towards more collaboration

The implementation of Teams within its teams was done in a particular context, to allow the teams to maintain the link during containment. This tool was not necessarily intended to last over time. "The experience having been conclusive, we now plan to perpetuate it and why not go further in the discovery of collaborative solutions", concludes Fabienne Rigourd.


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