Eyssautier: one VPN to interconnect the sites of a multi-site company


Multi-site company concerned by a substitution of its existing operator and the takeover of its telephone fleet.

Solution provided:

Installation of a VPN/MPLS with 50 MB/s fiber on each of the sites, as well as a hosted telephony solution for all users including the mobile fleet.

Eyssautier is a multi-site marine and transport insurance broker, concerned by a change of existing operator and thus by the takeover of its telephone network.

Sewan has therefore put in place a VPNMPLS with 50 MB/s fibre on each of the sites, as well as a hosted telephony solution for all users in Paris and Marseille. Users can thus access company resources hosted on a third site while benefiting from top-quality telephony. A mobile fleet can connect remotely to the servers.

The solution was managed and cvarried out by Toolip, a partner in the Paris region and a telecom solutions integrator for businesses, with Sewan assisting at every stage of deployment, providing material, and resources and development support to Toolip.

The takeover of the telephone fleet benefited from the great flexibility of parameterization specific to Sewan, since the operator applied its service offers to an already existing fleet.

Result: today, some 80 users working for the Eyssautier group use the services provided by Sewan.

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