Condé Nast: fiber for exchanging large files


Company with important and precise needs in terms of internal connectivity and security on flow management. Condé Nast - Vogue must also guarantee broadband internet access to its internal and external users. This access must be secured by a firewall but also benefit from URL filtering and rules specific to each user group. If the primary link is cut, a secondary link must be requested without causing downtime.
By taking advantage of the very high bandwidth, Condé Nast - Vogue wishes to use it to transmit Voice through a hosted telephony solution.

Solution provided:

- A very high speed 1 GB/s fiber, 100% symmetrical flow, 100% guaranteed, on a black fiber support
- Backup link to ensure availability and redundancy
- Fortinet Firewall with dedicated instance (VDom) to protect the network, data and users.

Condé Nast is an American press publishing group specializing in magazines and owning major American and world press titles such as The New Yorker and Vanity Fair. In France, the group is better known for publications such as Vogue or GQ.

Due to its business, the group is faced with constant internal traffic of large files, including HD photos and other specific business files. These files are generally confidential and require optimal security. Thus, these needs imply a very high level of commitment and availability. Indeed, if the network stops, all of Condé Nast's activity risks a slowdown.

In order to meet this need for very-high-speed broadband, Sewan has proposed a robust technical solution based on its know-how and infrastructure, namely: a dedicated 1 GB/s very-high-speed dark fibre connection, symmetrical (upload = download speed) with double link security (by a second link from a second operator) associated with an integrated firewall to ensure the control of incoming and outgoing flows, ensuring data confidentiality.

Result: Condé Nast is no longer threatened by a loss of Internet access and can exchange very large files in just a few seconds.

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