Annoeullin, the municipality that saves thanks to Exchange Online


French multi-site municipality facing the expiration of its Exchange server and licenses with a budget too limited for its renewal. Need to be able to access the messaging solution from external in all circumstances. Facilitate the compliance of Microsoft software licenses.

Solution provided:

Migrating from a physical server to an integrated solution in the cloud

Annœullin is a French commune located in the Nord department.

Sewan'smulti-site client for access links and VGA via local partner ANS ComThe city was faced with a problem: the obsolescence of the Exchange server, requiring renewal despite a limited IT budget. In addition, the town needed access to its messaging system in all circumstances, especially when travelling.
First of all, the town wanted to change the Exchange server and update the licenses, which would have required significant expenses, and after study an estimated return on investment of 7 years, for software that is updated every 2/3 years. ANS Com and Sewan then imagined a solution of total migration of the server to Exchange Online. ANS Com piloted and operated the migration Sewan assisted at each stage of the deployment, providing hardware and technical support to its partner.

Thus, by going from a server Exchange to Exchange Online, i.e. integrated in the cloud, the town of Annoeulin has saved itself a considerable investment, preferring licences invoiced monthly. With this integration, emails are now available for consultation in all circumstances, particularly from a dedicated webmail. In addition, the town has benefited from a rapid migration (60 mailboxes migrated in one week) while continuing to enjoy all the advantages related to Exchange (business messaging, storage space, more productive organization). Easy to manage, requiring no training, it allows the partner to modulate everything directly from the dedicated business tool and for the municipality to have a privileged relationship with its supplier, since the number of contact persons is reduced and centralized.

As a result, the municipality is now equipped with 87 Exchange Online licenses and can boast immediate savings while improving its service.

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