Adapei: for ever more proximity...


A multi-site association with specific needs and very wide difficulties to have regular, involved contacts. It has no support from its current operator and hosting provider.

Solution provided:

Complete and seamless migration of all services. Bonus: integration of secure Wi-Fi on some sites.

The ADAPEI is the Departmental Association of relatives and friends of mentally challenged people. It is present in every French department and works for:

  • Supporting disabled people and their families: the association helps and accompanies people with disabilities for an unlimited period of time, particularly in the specialised institutes they are cared for;
  • To provide concrete help to people with intellectual disabilities;
  • To facilitate their educational opportunities and their social and professional integration.


As a result, ADAPEI has very diverse IT needs on these 18 sites, together with hosted telephony, secure Internet, broadband, videoconferencing, VPN but also security constraints due to the sensitive data it processes (HDH for any medical file for example).

ADAPEI is not a telecom specialist and needs support and a truly close relationship with its operator. Indeed, ADAPEI has recurring and specific requests that vary from one site to another and if it is impossible for them to reach their operator or turn to support relocated outside Europe for the slightest ticket, it quickly becomes exhausting. Result: no single point of contact, no follow-up, impossibility to benefit from the slightest support, making the relationship deteriorate until it reaches its breaking point.

That's whenAT Connect, historical partner to Sewan, enters the scene. The company from Bayonne put forward their arguments as a service integrator: "we integrate with the customer" and tailor-made support, which is the company's trademark. But as promises only bind those who believe in them, AT Connect proceeds live to a demonstration of Sophia, a cloud platform that allows you to order, configure and invoice in only a few clicks, (in this case it is mainly orders and customer follow-up that interest ADAPEI, as it is pressed by a very short deployment schedule). Our partner explains that as an SME, ADAPEI will not be overwhelmed by a lot of customers, which only concern the operator when they go elsewhere. AT Connect has built its reputation on reliable and proven solutions and services and also on the responsiveness, know-how and support offered by its teams.

Result: ADAPEI is won over, even ordering several secure Wi-Fi infrastructures for some of these sites. They migrate the Data part in half a day (after a complete pre-analysis of their infrastructures) in plug-and-play. The switchover of other services (voice, internet, security) is seamless with ultra-fast deployment. AT Connect trains ADAPEI employees with their new tools.

Today, ADAPEI can serenely manage its 18 sites, lines and connections and they know that at the slightest request, an expert from AT Connect will be there to provide support.



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