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To ensure the success of a telephone campaign, it is essential to identify your most effective advisers and to equip them with the best tools. Contact Experience offers you many solutions !

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We're not losing anyone

In case you do not have the capacity to answer all your incoming calls, they are identified to allow you to give the best follow-up: outgoing campaign, callback request... Don't lose any more opportunities.

Attentive vs. proactive

The tools allow you to dynamically integrate your call origination to take advantage of off-peak periods and launch campaigns (preview, progressive, predictive, etc.) or a callback to customers who have been unable to reach you.

Master the ins and outs of your campaign

With a clear view on service and performance indicators, the supervisor can exploit the results to ensure continuous improvement and meet or exceed his objectives more easily !

Capitalize on an effective calling plan

We help you design your campaign, determine your scenarios and develop your calling structure criteria.

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Jean-Philippe Ribes
Product Manager Connect

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