Not a sexy name for solutions that are.

Combine the skills of your employees, task automation and our artificial intelligence for a better customer experience. 

Optimize the quality of interactions between your company and your customers with intelligent virtual agents. Thanks to their wide range of skillss which includes speech recognition, natural language processing, voice synthesis, voice biometrics, transcription and integration ofAPIyou allow your consultants to focus on value-added tasks.

Training and machine learning mechanisms  ensure the constant progress of your virtual agents to always be more efficient.

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Lower cost, more support !

You optimize your support costs and keep your employees motivated by assigning repetitive tasks to virtual agents. Thanks to a self-service option, your customer chooses to favour a human contact or a voice agent depending on the complexity of his question or the context. Between human and artificial intelligence, why not combine the best of both worlds?

Speech-To-Text and vice versa

The addition of Speech-to-Text features provides continuous streaming to transcribe the user's speech. Speech recognition is performed without delay and gives the virtual agent a more natural feel in more than 50 languages. Our Text-To-Speech editors, combined with Google's text-to-speech, allow your virtual agents to become multilingual, in more than 20 languages.

Natively integrated with future technologies

Natural language processing and conversational AI are the cornerstones of innovative call centre trends. This is why our solutions are natively coupled to the Dialogflow engines from Google or IBM Watson.


Free yourself from complex IVR menus and outperform conventional systems with Natural Language Processing (NLP) that makes it easy to the lives of your customers. Our virtual agents are able to understand and to treat any request who theirs were made like Siri, Alexa... or the assistant Google.s.

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