6 reasons to choose Teams telephony for your company

How to simplify the daily life of professionals who need to be easily reachable and work collaboratively with their teams wherever they are? By combining Sewan's expertise in B2B telephony and Microsoft's expertise in collaborative work.

More and more companies are using Microsoft's collaborative work solution, Teams. Last October, the American company announced that it had passed the 115 million users mark worldwide. Fewer emails sent, better collaboration between teams, simple integration into the work environment, a tool that promotes mobility... The advantages of such a solution are numerous for any company that seeks to encourage teamwork.

In addition to their growing needs in terms of collaboration, professionals have to reconcile their new working habits (more mobility, teleworking in particular) with the need to remain contactable throughout the day. Sewan's expertise in cloud telephony allows companies to find concrete answers to this type of problem.

Offering a telephone system in the cloud provided by Microsoft while taking advantage of the robustness of SIP Trunk Sewan allows to guarantee an optimal level of collaboration to each employee but also to ensure their internal and external communication day after day.

We explain why you should choose Teams Telephony for your business in 6 points:

Make your calls directly in Teams

We can already hear the questions of the skeptics. But how can you make an external call with Teams and still enjoy the features of your landline phone?

If you're already a Teams user, you're used to using this tool to discuss projects, chat with your team about current projects, find the latest versions of a document, etc. But what you may not have known is that you can also use Teams to make phone calls. You can find in Teams all the telephony functions your company needs.

Control your call management

Simultaneous ringing, call log, call transfer, call waiting, visual voicemail... By migrating to Teams Telephony, you will be able to take advantage of many features. The solution also offers advanced telephony features such as automatic switchboard (IVR) or call queues (call groups). All this is configurable and can be set up directly in the Microsoft portal.

On the side of your contacts we also have arguments. At random, we can tell you about the centralization of internal and external contacts, the simple and fast management of bookmarks, shortcuts to your favorite and recent contacts, synchronization with your Outlook directory, etc.

Find your home phone in Teams

Do you need a voicemail system with message transcription that can be consulted on the desktop and mobile? Do you want to be able to put your callers on hold when you are already online? Is simultaneous ringing on multiple devices a feature that is very useful for your business? Look no further. The Teams Telephony is made for you.

We have made sure that Teams Telephony is agile and flexible. Whether you are in the office, on the road, in meetings or even abroad, you can manage your telephony very simply via a single interface.


Your fixed line on your mobile

Staying reachable even in a mobile situation has become an imperative for many professionals today. So being able to receive calls from your landline directly on your mobile phone seems very practical. And it is possible with Teams Telephony. With the Teams application you can receive and make calls, access your visual voicemail... You can go on the road with peace of mind.

All the features of your fixed telephony are accessible from the Teams application. Calling, in all circumstances, has never been so easy.

Call without limits

Calling without time limits with Teams telephony is possible. We made sure of that. Indeed, with Teams Telephony, Sewan provides unlimited packages for your national fixed and mobile calls as well as to 70 destinations.

You'll be able to spend hours on the phone without having to worry about whether the person you're talking to is in an area covered by your subscription!


Manage in real time and in complete autonomy

For any company, it is important to have control over all its services. Thanks to a dedicated interface, you can control your company's telephony in real time and with complete autonomy.

Teams Telephony gives you access to a complete administration console with detailed reports. In addition, each employee can have access to their own personalized dashboard.

Still need to be convinced of the benefits of such a solution? Then we'll add a little bonus argument: the Sewan infrastructure is composed of a shared SBC certified by Microsoft for the use of telephony in Teams. This certification allows us to guarantee the quality and reliability of all your business telephone calls.

If you would like to talk to us about Telephony Teams, please contact us. Our experts are here to answer all your questions or to give you more details about the solution.