The best version of Windows

Take advantage of the latest version of Windows that brings new features, but especially more speed and security.

Indeed, Windows 10 boots faster than Windows 7 or 8.1 with equivalent configuration, offers more built-in security features as well as more secure authentication processes.

Change the way you prepare your posts

Take advantage of this update to change the way you prepare and maintain your posts.

Sewan can help you master Windows AutoPilot to configure and deploy Windows and your software on your remote devices.

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An always up-to-date system

Enjoy an always up-to-date system by setting your activity hours, get new features and the latest security improvements.

Your data saved

Windows 10 integrates OneDrive which allows you to save your data in the cloud and access it from your computer, smartphone or directly from a web browser.

A customizable system

To enjoy using it and to save time, Windows 10 is customizable.

You can organize your Start menu with shortcuts and folders, use the Think-Piece, or show or hide icons on your desktop.

Increase your productivity

With virtual desktops, you can create multiple work environments depending on your activities.

7/7 support

To assist you on a daily basis, a team of expert technicians is at your disposal to provide "Enterprise" level support.

Maximum security

Enjoy the best security with continuous updates, Windows Defenderantivirus, built-in firewall and Windows Hello authentication.

All these features are configurable in the security center.

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