Hosted telephony: new hardware catalogue

Together with access links, business telephony is one of the most important duos in companies. Being reachable in all circumstances is a necessity for many. Recently, certain uses have evolved: headsets have become popular for reasons of mobility and practicality in particular. These changes also include the proliferation of videoconferencing and the deployment of telephony via Microsoft Teams. It is therefore essential to offer our partners and their customers an up-to-date catalogue of equipment capable of meeting the new uses of hosted telephony.

In brief:

- Update of the Hosted Telephony  equipment catalogue

- Focus on the hardware for Microsoft Teams

- 14 new references (fixed, headsets, audio conferencing)


1. Fixed telephones, headsets and audio conferences

Whether for telephones, headsets or audio conferencing accessories, the update of the hardware catalogue makes it possible to integrate new and more modern models. In addition, this update also makes it possible to guarantee total continuity of service by replacing models that have reached the end of their life. These changes concern three of the major manufacturers in our catalogue:

- Yealink

- Poly

- Jabra

For fixed line telephones, in the Poly range, we are adding the VVX 250, VVX450 and the CCX 500, and at Yealink we are adding the T42U and T53 which replace the T41S and T42S in particular.

For headsets we are adding 6 references from Jabra and Yealink. The range gathers wired, Bluetooth and Teams products to cover all existing needs. For conferences, we are integrating the Poly Trio 8300 and C60 while the Poly IP 5000 and 6000 are leaving the catalogue. Everything is done to offer you the best possible quality during audio conferences.


2. Focus on Teams Telephony and its accessories

The redesign of our catalogue allows us to offer you a set of products adapted to the Teams Telephony:

-Yealink MP56 : dedicated to Teams telephony

-Poly Trio C60: team-compatible octopus

-Yealink WH62 and WH66: next generation headsets with native Teams integration


Team Telephony is about to become a real must-have in companies. It is therefore essential to offer compatible equipment now. The hardware is compatible but not exclusive: it is possible to equip yourself now andanticipate a futuremigration to Teams Telephony.


End of PSTN, Teleworking and mobility are major challenges for companies. Hosted Telephony solutions must therefore accompany these changes. Having modern, high-performance equipment at your disposal is a prerequisite for taking full advantage of all the benefits of VoIP.


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