Being a White Label Reseller: 5 good reasons to say yes!

There is no shortage of White Label advantages for resellers. As an important preamble, at Sewan, we do not use the term " reseller " very often, preferring the term " partner ". Why do we do this? Precisely because between a supplier (such as Sewan) and a Cloud and Telecom reseller, all the advantages of the White Label allow the creation of a long-term relationship. And even if it's a long-term commitment, let's rather talk about Partners, a partnership relationship allowing us toevolve together . From business development to entrepreneurial development, there is only one step: the White Label. Here are the 5 (main) good reasons to say yes to the White Label for your Cloud and Telecom business. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Here we go!


In brief:

In this article you will find :

  • A White Label definition for Cloud and Telecom activities
  • Top 5 reasons to choose the White Label to develop your business
  • A video review of the fundamentals of the Marque Blanche by Sewan!


Getting started

Putting together the 5 good reasons to say Yes to the White Label is simple. But to get started, let's get the basics right: a proper definition. So, what does the White Label mean? And what does White Label for Cloud and Telecom services actually mean?

White labeling is a commercial process in which one company distributes/resells the product or service of another company. The distributing company acts as an intermediary between the producer/supplier and its final client, fully customising the marketing and communication of the product/service. The original producer/supplier is completely transparent to the final customer who does not know this third party company.

This white label principle is particularly favourable to the development of Cloud and Telecom activities. The resellers (or Partners) offer their local customers various solutions (access links, professional telephony, hosting, etc.) that they would not necessarily have been able to offer if they had developed on their own. In this case, Sewan's partners are mainly very small businesses and SMEs. By opting for the White Label, you strengthen your business by finding important and easy support for the development of your activity. How can you do this? Here are 5 good reasons!


  1. First good reason: to strengthen commercially and technically

By approaching a supplier who offers white label commercial development, you can significantly increase your commercial and technical force. On the commercial side, you remain in full control of your strategy. Do you want to offer this solution or this technology but not another? The choice is yours!

You also define your margin levels and sales prices. Of course, you can be guided in implementing these parameters. Depending on the supplier you choose, you may have obligations regarding the volume of sales or turnover to be achieved on the resale of their products and solutions(spoiler: with Sewan, this is not the case).


Your reinforcement, made possible by the White Label, is also visible on the technical side. Support team, deployment or production, you are no longer alone to manage all this. Of course, you are accompanied to be as autonomous as possible, but the teams will always be there for you and your customers.

In short, finding a supplier who will support you in White Label is also like indirectly welcoming dozens of new people into your team! This support strengthens you and allows you to concentrate on developing your business.


  1. Second good reason: expand your catalogue of solutions

This other good reason stems directly from the first one and the multiplication of your sales force. Indeed, the White Label allows you to diversify your offer thanks to a catalogue of varied solutions. In fact, through the White Label, your supplier's catalogue becomes your catalogue, and it is then up to you to use it as you wish.


This more comprehensive catalogue can have different benefits:

  • Offer your waiting customers a solution you didn't have before
  • Stand out from the competition by offering solutions that are unusual in your market
  • Be able to announce new items in your catalogue
  • Ensure youhave the most up-to-date solutions that are consistent with new business needs


In short, offering a living catalogue to your customers and prospects allows you to retain existing customers while broadening your prospecting spectrum. Just as you remain in control of your commercial strategy, you are also completely free to concentrate on the solutions you already master or to go further by training and integrating other types of services.

Being able to benefit from such a level of freedom and flexibility is the assurance of being able to be in perfect harmony with your stage of entrepreneurial development. Whether you are a beginner or very experienced in the Cloud and Telecom market, you will be able to rely on a catalogue that will support you and/or a catalogue that will strengthen you significantly!


  1. Third good reason: to benefit from R&D investments

Choosing to work with a partner supplier to develop its White Label activity also means entering the virtuous circle of investment and R&D. Why should you do this? Because your supplier is responsible for developing, testing, deploying and maintaining all of its services and solutions. If he is in charge of this, you are relieved!

Indeed, choosing the White Label means giving yourself the possibility of removing certain barriers to entry. And when it comes to the Cloud and Telecoms, these barriers can be numerous, particularly in terms of investment costs, infrastructure management and the development of new solutions. Overall, a white label reseller also benefits from all the economies of scale put in place by the supplier.

Benefiting from R&D investments is not only a financial advantage. It is also a significant benefit in terms of human resources and expertise. In White Label, all the supplier's know-how and expertise is shared with the Partners. This allows the supplier to offer its end customers solutions adapted to the latest technologies with complete peace of mind.


  1. Fourth good reason: to secure its financial framework

Creating a White Label partnership with the supplier of your choice also allows you to benefit from their own commercial strategy. White labeling can go hand in hand with with a business model based on recurrence.


Beyond the White Label, one of the good reasons to join a supplier of a larger size than yourself is to find the right partner for you. When recurring business is established, the benefits are multiple and almost immediate:

  • Financial stability: you know that regular income will come in every month for your turnover.
  • Financial visibility: having this stability and security allows us to anticipate the future and to plan developments (investments, recruitment, new premises, etc.) more serenely.
  • Customer loyalty: especially in the case of services, the principle of recurrence is synonymous with the long term; customers commit themselves to you.
  • Commercial opportunities: by creating long-term relationships, it is an opportunity to develop upsell projects (improving an existing service) or cross sell (deploying complementary services).


Having a healthy and serene financial framework is one of the major pivots to go on the path of a significant and secure growth. Finding the right partner who can include you in such a context will be one more reason to rely on the White Label .


  1. Fifth good reason: to benefit from a complete ecosystem

The benefits of White Label can extend beyond a single business benefit. That's why we use the word Partner more than any other. The White Label is a commercial gateway to many other good reasons! First of all, there is the opportunity to find a one-stop-shop operator . Not only is it possible to develop one's business with a White Label, but it can also be done with a single contact person for all the Cloud and Telecom solutions offered. This guaranteesgreater simplicity and (once again) a project developed over time and progressively.

Among the additional benefits of a complete ecosystem, there is also the possibility ofaccessing marketing and communication resources that can make a difference in business development. The White Label principle is based on the transparency of the supplier to the end customer. The reseller partner must therefore adopt the products/services in its own colours and image. Offering media that can be personalised in a few clicks makes it possible to meet several needs:

  • Carry out marketing actions even if you do not have a dedicated department within your company.
  • Simplify communication by accessing materials already designed and optimised for the end-customer target.
  • Ensure a truly comprehensive understanding of products/services by automatically highlighting key benefits and advantages.


Entering an ecosystem that goes beyond the White Label is also a way of benefiting fromcomprehensive support, particularly in terms of advice and training. Suppliers who develop a network of White Label distributors can manage several hundred (or even thousands) of Partners. This makes it possible to set up even more advanced actions such as consulting (commercial, financial, technical, HR, etc.): thanks to the sharp knowledge of the resellers' profiles and needs, the support is both precise and relevant. The training aspect is also important because for the Partner to be able to distribute the White Label products easily, he must master it perfectly, both from a commercial and technical point of view.


Ready to explore the Marque Blanche by Sewan?

As you will have understood, the answer to the question: "Is it advantageous for a reseller to choose a White Label operation? Between flexibility, multiplication of its commercial and technical force and assured diversification of its catalogue, there is no lack of good reasons.

At Sewan, we operate 100% as a White Label with our network of 1000 Partners. Every day, our partners benefit from this complete ecosystem that surrounds the White Label alone. Want to know more? Go to our dedicated page: devenirpartenaire.sewan.be