One number, two phones,
three times as simple...

Convergence, the future of business

Fixed-mobile convergence consists of combining your fixed and mobile phone under a single subscription. No more double subscriptions, they're merged. The goal: making sure you can always be reached.
Convergence allows you to take advantage of a single billing system, adapted bundles, to avoid missed calls and boost business productivity.
Even away from the office, an employee can answer calls received on his or her fixed phone from his or her mobile phone.

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Straightforward and automated installation

Without delay, without the need for infrastructure installation and in just one click, you can transform your mobile line in a converged line. There is no longer any difference between your fixed and mobile number, both are routed to the same hosted telephony platform.

Merge your fixed and mobile lines

Your number allows you to be reachable on your landline or mobile device. Define your own preferences: simultaneous or sequential ringing!

A single invoice for a controlled budget

The Sewan Fixed-Mobile Convergence solution not only improves the reachability of your employees, it also allows you to make significant savings. Firstly, single billing optimizes your compatibility, and secondly, adapted packages simplify the management of telecom expenses with unlimited calls between fixed and mobile phones in the fleet.

Two phones: one voicemail, one call log, one answering machine

Your reachability increases, but obviously some situations prevent you from responding. No problem! A single answering machine receives your voice messages, which are accessible on a single voicemailbox. Whether you're on the road or in the office, all your messages are available ina single messaging system. A common call log allows you to centralize your incoming and outgoing calls. 

A response to user expectations

The emergence of new technologies has created user needs. Convergence meets these needs: access to all connected services from any device, customisation of types of use, use of mobile devices as the number one interactive tool & the convergence of electronic communications and IT services.

Instant messaging

The mobile application provided by Sewan allows you to chat with your colleagues via instant messaging directly from your mobile phone.

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